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Welcome to DYME!

The project Dynamic Models in Economics (DYME) joins excellent Czech economists and mathematicians working in economic modelling. The project focuses on three main research branches: Dynamic Macroeconomics, Optimal Economic Decision Making and Financial Econometrics and Risk Management. The advantage of the synergy arises from the mutual collaboration of the researchers on the joint research topics. Excellent publications, which could hardly originate without the project, are supported.

Dynamic Models in Economics Project

The project provides young researchers with an access to the research potential (both institutional and personal) available in the Czech Republic. The establishment of young scientists as well-renowned scholars is supported. Extensive international cooperation is planned as a part of the project. The research platform established by the project is expected to become a sustainable, well-renowned research site in the long term.


The idea behind the Project

The main aim of the project is to establish a new research platform, called Dynamic Models in Economics; abbreviated DYME; henceforth referred to as 'the Platform'. The Platform should link Czech excellence with support for advanced research in the intersection of mathematics and economics.

Please note: This website serves for the presentation purposes of the Project working groups connected to just one participating research institution of the Platform - Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague (MFF UK). General information regarding the DYME Project can be found at the global DYME Platform site.

The main objectives of the Project